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Starza Corporation Sdn Bhd is a dynamic joint venture company that has become one of the leading professional training providers in Malaysia today and also become synonymous with the word excellence, by understanding and most importantly caring about our clients’ training needs and fulfilling them. A major part of our success is because we anticipate our clients constantly evolving and growing training needs in today’s fast paced environment and work together with our clients to ensure that their new training needs are met, in their quest towards world class excellence.

We currently organize more than thirty innovative seminars, workshops, in-house training courses and conferences per month, which have enabled our clients to increase their productivity and performance, by the introduction and transfer of some of the latest and best practices and solutions from some of the world’s leading companies and also through new skills and increased knowledge acquired by our clients’ personnel from our excellently designed courses and experienced trainers.


Here at STARZA CORPORATION , we share a unique goal of shaping our progressive future with dedication and foresight.

With a goal of being the best in whatever we do, STARZA CORPORATION helps customers gain the competitive edge through training and human resource development.

The reason for our success is simple – All of our courses are thoroughly researched and custom designed by our Training Consultants and Producers to suit your special needs in today’s challenging and changing environment. That is why we guarantee your total and complete satisfaction with our many excellent courses and programmes.





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