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In meeting the challenges of the future, it is crucial for corporate and organizational customers to find a dedicated technology supplier and expert service provider that they can rely on for further growth and development. STARZA CORPORATION is truly a customer-minded trading and construction firm with the capacity and capability to answer to such a need.

Successfully established in September 2001, STARZA CORPORATION is a progressive member of NTP World Group with a paid-up capital of RM7 mil. We are spearheaded by a group of dedicated professionals with appropriate backgrounds and qualifications. We are your partner in the effective provision of products and services covering a wide spectrum of areas.

Here at STARZA CORPORATION , we share a unique goal of shaping our progressive future with dedication and foresight.

With a goal of being the best in whatever we do, STARZA CORPORATION helps customers meet their goals and expectations through the effective planning and implementation of its TRADING and CONSTRUCTION activities.

In the trading business, we are committed to quality and excellence in the supply of innovative ICT products, services and solutions, office automation and equipment, lab & scientific equipment and many more. In the construction business, we have the capacity and capability to help customers in the efficient provision of housing construction, interior design, renovation, landscaping and property maintenance services.

In shaping our progressive future with our customers, we work closely with them as partners, problem solvers and advisors.




We want to be respected as a leading diversified trading and construction firm. Our market covers Malaysia as well as other South East Asian countries.


  • To optimally utilize and build further our resources and serve as a reliable, responsible and professionally managed trading and construction firm.
  • To establish strategic alliances and partnerships with the government and corporations and contribute to the realization of VISION 2020.
  • To grow as a successful and profitable Bumiputera business entity in the ever growing trading and construction sector.
  • To share resources, knowledge and success with business partners, shareholders and employees.

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